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Ritual Sauna and Vichy Shower

In our Fito-Sauna, you can enjoy the unique experience of a wet massage, made with heated herbs, steam and aromatherapy, that recovers the most relaxed atmosphere of the past – the aromas of wood and sap, the cheerful crackling of flames, the whisper of water on the rocks, the crescendo of clouds of steam and waves trembling with heat… With a gentle temperature, the masseuist begins the ceremony, massaging your body very gently with vaporized eucalyptus.

Gradually, it increases the intensity of the movements and also increases a complete physiological relatation for the whole body.

It is recommended to relieve stress and overload. This miraculous treatment alternates with a shower, which contrasts with ice cubes passed on your body.

The recommended ceremony time is 30-40 min. Tea Ceremony. This tea specially made to renew intracellular fluid, thus have the therapeutic effect and please your well-being. It has the option to do exfoliation. Exfoliation is a Body and Facial treatment to remove dead cells and improve cell renewal.

Spend a few moments of pure relaxation and, at the same time, rejuvenate your skin. Next, sorceress Massage VICHY SHOWER made under water. Pressure exerted by the jets of water that is falling on the body make very relaxing effect. Lie down and start to relax in a romantic setting and scents that will envelop you. At the same time the “Emotions” massage is done with foam that covers your body as if it were a soft and silky cocoon …

Then indulge in a true pleasure ritual! A shower of water that falls on the body, causing an absolute sensation of relaxation. A cascade with different pressure, alternating the tranquilizing stimuli with magic massage movements. In the end, return to your reality with a new energy… A new well-being!

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We take Men, Ladies, Couples. Book Your Visit 912 557 332

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