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Ritual Hawaii

A magic technic that works miracles to relax.

Tone and moisturize your body in the summer. Imagine: you lie with closed eyes, listen to the pleasant music and begin to feel the hands of the therapist who begins to apply very soft foam on your body with loving movements.

Gradually increases the pressure of hand movements and at the same time comes into play the water. The latest generation Vichy Shower equipment with 22 programs will always be tailored to every taste.

Indulge yourself in a true pleasure ritual!

Ritual Hawaii is a miraculous offering of a shower of water that falls on the body, causing an absolute sensation of relaxation in the whole body, toning under pressure exerted by the jets of water combining with massage technique Emotions alternating the tranquilizing stimuli.

Hawaii Ritual advisable to do during the summer to refresh the body from the heat.

In the end, return to your reality with a new energy… A new well-being!

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We take Men, Ladies, Couples. Book Your Visit 912 557 332

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