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Massage of the Emotions or Naturist

The name speaks for itself.

A massage for hunters of emotions, to the ones who seek extreme feelings and luxurious fantasies in their relaxation. A magic technique based on the Tantric concept of Indian origin. Massage done on top of the marble platform (heated in the winter), the stone heat gradually relaxes the body, muscles and at the same time relaxes the nervous system. One of the miraculous processes of Ayurveda is a complete physiological rest for the whole body, recommended to relieve stress and overload.

Massage combined with Precious oils improves circulation, tones and relaxes muscles, nourishes the skin and makes it soft, beautiful, healthy, adding to the body’s ease and flexibility, stimulates the removal of body waste, increasing vitality. The masseur travels through all vital points, massages your whole body from head to toe, unlocks the sensory system and helps the expansion of perception to arouse sensual and erotic energy. Lingam massage included in the genital area, where our energy force is concentrated.

A True Ritual of pleasure! It can be done with one or two therapists at the same time.

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We take Men, Ladies, Couples. Book Your Visit 912 557 332

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